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Pink Interior Decor Inspiration

GMG pink sofa

I know some people consider me”basic”.  This label used to bother me, but over the past year I have slowly gotten over the concern of what others think of me, especially now that I’m pregnant. It seems that as my body changes day by day, my thoughts do too – I no longer worry if someone is judging me because I enjoy the simpler, “basic” things.… Read more

baby’s first shoes & nursery decor…

baby's first shoes

I was scrolling through Instagram one night months ago when I came across a spring preview for these neon green Freshly Picked moccasins. I was instantly obsessed and in love. I mentioned them to my mom (who I blame for my shoe addiction) and she immediately wanted to buy them for the baby (so sweet and good job starting another generation on our shoe addiction!).… Read more

nursery decor inspiration board…

nursery decor inspiration board

Hey everyone! I am embarrassed to admit that I weirdly superstitious about stuff and when it comes to being pregnant I have followed all the don’t tell too early rules just in case. I also haven’t bought anything baby related (other than one pregnancy journal book) because I worry I will “jinx” something.… Read more

bar cart styling…

bar buffet

Ok, I’ll be honest. We don’t have a “bar cart” so much as a bar buffet…but that sounds weird, right? I was absolutely 100% without a doubt positive we needed a bar cart as one of our first home purchases. But then I spotted this buffet and fell head over heels in love.… Read more

kate spade home collection…

kate spade home collection

Say hello to the most exciting launch to happen in furniture! Kate Spade has launched Kate Spade Home, a fanciful home furnishings expansion to the iconic brand. “We translated iconic Kate Spade New York designs like subtle bow accents, as well as signature colors and fabrics, such as shocking pink linen and turquoise velvet, into stylish and unique home items” – Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade New York president and chief creative officer.… Read more

My Dream Closet Is Becoming A Reality


My dream closet is being installed today…and I am so freaking excited! Originally, I thought I would go for a minimalist approach with a simple bookcase to store my shoes and bags, but honestly I’m not that minimalist of a person when it comes to my shoes and bags, so I needed much more storage.… Read more

A Touch Of Paris {Home Sweet Chateau No. 6}


I have been really focused on furnishing the house and perfecting (obsessing over) every item we choose. Several months ago I spotted the Frenchiest of French looking bistro chairs. In crisp navy blue. Plus the coordinating marble bistro table. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head while I drooled over this set online.… Read more

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