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Once I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t help but think about what to wear in the coming months as my body changes. I quickly went searching on Pinterest {see more of my pregnancy style board here} for inspiration. I love to create vision boards because it helps me to focus on what I like and see everything at once, rather than having a mess of ideas floating around in my head! After searching out my favorite looks and creating this style board, I can now see that I gravitate towards clean lines with fitted tops, soft neutral colors, skinny jeans/leggings, maxis, and layered looks with a jacket, vest or cardi.

All of this is pretty similar to my pre-pregnancy favorite looks, but with one exception; in the past I have always loved a flowy top paired with skinny jeans, but that does not work on my current body shape. The more fitted the better to show off the bump…but at 22 weeks I still haven’t “popped”. I have a bump that is visible when I’m naked {not going out in public like that though lol!} but once clothes come on the bump nearly disappears. I’m really surprised by this because I thought for sure it would be noticeable right away – I’m barely 5’4″ and have pretty short limbs, but apparently my torso is longer than I originally thought and is hiding the bump! My previous go-to flowy tops look ridiculous because I have increased in size in my ahem, umm…chest area {like quadrupled!} so those romantic breezy tops don’t work with this body change at all!

Trying to get dressed to go out has become a problem since the cute fitted tops aren’t working because without a real bump I merely look like I haven’t worked out/ate too much food for lunch! Having a solid idea of what to shop for is wonderful though and this style board has really helped me to feel comfortable shopping…once I actually can! Until then I’ll continue wearing the only thing does still fit and look ok {my standard at home yoga clothes} while I watch for the tiny changes each day in the mirror that only I can see so far, but that always give me a thrill {and those sweet little baby kicks and flutters are the best!} while I patiently wait out the “pop”.

Has anyone else had this problem? What were your go-to pre-pop pregnancy wardrobe favorites?

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