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baby’s first shoes & nursery decor…

baby's first shoes

I was scrolling through Instagram one night months ago when I came across a spring preview for these neon green Freshly Picked moccasins. I was instantly obsessed and in love. I mentioned them to my mom (who I blame for my shoe addiction) and she immediately wanted to buy them for the baby (so sweet and good job starting another generation on our shoe addiction!). They just arrived and are even cuter in person. The color is vibrant but tamed down by solid light colored sole, the leather is supple and the fringe and tiny size are too precious for words.

The Hubs and I are both pretty superstitious and don’t want to rush into decorating the nursery too soon, but I couldn’t help creating my vision for the vibe I want for his room {more here}. I know decorating a whole room is going to be expensive (we have worked on our whole house over the past year!) so I have been keeping an eye out for coupons on my must-have decor items. Lulu and Georgia (one of my favorite shops) just had a site-wide sale and this silver metallic pouf was definitely a must. I was originally looking to get a simple white pouf with grey trim, but loved the fun aspect the metallic pop will bring to the room. I also have thisvision of the baby learning to stand up and balancing himself against the pouf with his chubby little hands!

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