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5 Beauty Essentials For Busy Days


I am extremely optimistic person, which is great most of the time, but when it comes to time management my eternal optimism is a detriment. I am so certain that I always have enough time to do something or be somewhere…until moments later when I realize I will be late or barely arrive on time.… Read more

3 Must Have Summer Accessories

summer accessories

About two weeks ago I wandered into the Kendra Scott store near me (SO dangerous!) and fell in love with this cuff bracelet and cocktail. I simply cannot stop wearing this jewelry. Seriously, nearly every day I’ve popped on one or both pieces and everywhere I go (from the grocery store to date night) I get at least three compliments.… Read more

Lazy Girl Glam | The Half-Bun How To

Lazy Girl Glam | The Half-Bun How To

The half-bun style is perfect for lazy day glam styles. It’s a newer take on the much-loved messy topknot, with an ‘I woke up like this’ vibe going on. I did this half-bun for the first time the other day when I was having a lazy hair moment and did not feel like putting in much effort for my hair.… Read more

I Am Inspired: Braids

I Am Inspired: Braids

From festival-ready wear to beach appropriate and on to the concrete jungle, braids are always the go-to hairstyle of choice as the weather warms up.

I’m starting a new series on here; I Am Inspired that will showcase one thing from beauty, hair, fashion, home or food related that has inspired me to try harder, be better, do more and just enjoy life as much as possible.… Read more

Transition Into Spring Style


“Spring is a time to give everything some movement and romance” -Unknown

While I’ve been in Florida for a couple months now and cannot imagine the cold weather anymore, I know spring hasn’t fully sprung for everyone. As much as we instantly want sundresses to be the go-to wardrobe selection each day, the chill in the air still exists and can be too much for your shortest shorts.… Read more

Beauty Buy No. 8: Sea Salt Spray

urban outfitters

They say salt water is the cure for anything – sweat, tears or the sea. Since moving to Florida the proximity to the ocean has certainly made me feel better in more ways than I even imagined. After moving away from Seattle to Northern Virgina I missed the ocean desperately; from the soothing sound of the waves to the mist in the air and on to knowing that this vast space was just there in the background.… Read more

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