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Halloween Costumes + Icons

Prima ballerina ~ leotard, tights, ballet shoes + bun

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Holly Golightly ~ LBD, pearls, updo, over-sized sunglasses {optional croissant}

Cleopatra ~ Kohl rimmed eyes, slinky dress & a headdress {any excuse to wear a headdress is welcomed}

French Girl ~ striped top, bed hair, black skirt & red lips {carry a tiny Eiffel Tower or French Poodle to complete the look}

Coco Chanel ~ Long-sleeved LBD, pearls, clothe hat, cigarette {must include Chanel logo jewelry}

Karl Lagerfeld ~ stiff collared white shirt, ascot, wrap around sunglasses, fingerless leather gloves, rings,  white hair & scowl {snippy Coco comments optional}

Batgirl ~ Bat mask + LBD {masquerade ball venue preferred}

Nancy Drew ~ Knee length skirt, sweater + magnifying glass {option to carry favorite Nancy Drew book}

Narnia Snow Queen ~ Frosty make-up with touches of ice & blue, white dress, furry wrap + crown {decadent costume that’s warm & you can wear a crown = win/win}

~ Group Costumes ~

The Golden Girls ~ Four fabulous friends required {slices of cheesecake optional}

Scooby Doo Gang ~ Four daring friends not afraid to battle ghosts {extremely smart & talking Great Dane optional}

I Love Lucy: Chocolate Factory ~ Chefs hats, aprons + your BFF {excellent reason to eat chocolate truffles all night}

Halloween is the perfect way for adult to play dress-up, you can emulate your favorite character or icon as inspiration to create something unique. Just keep it Haute!

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