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Hair: Buns & Topknots

With Spring approaching, I am looking for new ways to wear my go-to hairstyles {buns and topknots}. I love the ease of this style, combined with the polished look it gives {minimal effort/maximum payoff is always a plus with hairstyles} These ideas are easy to do and add “that certain something” to these classic hairstyles.

ballerina bun

{start with a classic ballerina bun}

ballerina bun + braid

{braid the ballerina bun ~ pull hair into a bun then braid and pin in place}

ballerina bun + bow

{or tie a sweet bow to the side of a classic bun}

topknot + bold lip

{begin with a messy topknot}

braid + topknot

{add a braid – keep one section separate, braid then add to the topknot}

topknot + scarf

{or tie a scarf around a messy topknot for a boho vibe}

low side bun

{side bun ~ pull hair to the side then twist into a low side bun and pin in place}

side bun + braid

{low braided side bun ~ pull hair into a low pony, braid the pony and then twist and pin in place}

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