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messy topknot

{messy topknot}
Gather all your hair into a ponytail high on your head then coil the hair in a circle around the ponytail holder so that is covers the holder and creates a bun. Pin some of the ends of the hair underneath the bun,  leaving some unwrapped and hanging loosely from beneath the bun.

poof ponytail

{poof ponytail}
Separate hair into two sections-make a part from each temple back to the crown of your head and clip in place creating the main pony and the part to tease to the top of your head to create the poof. Brush the remaining hair back to the crown of your head to form a high ponytail and secure in place. Unclip the remaining hair and tease gently to create volume. Gather the teased hair and smooth slightly with a brush, then lightly pull the teased hair back towards the high ponytail, combining the teased pony section with the high ponytail. Secure in place.

waterfall braid

{waterfall braid}
Take a thick lock of hair from one side of your front hairline. Divide that lock into three strands, hold all the strands in the same direction, away from your face. Bring the bottom strand over the center strand and pull the center strand forward toward your face away from the rest of your hair. Bring the top strand over the remaining strand, which is then the new top strand. The old top strand is the new center strand. Pick up a new strand from below the braid; this is the new bottom strand. Pick up a thin strand from above the braid and combine it with the top strand.
Repeat these steps, braiding away from your face until you have braided to the bottom. You should have a braid running along the side of your head from front to back, with a series of loose strands pulled forward from the braid links. Secure the end like you would a regular braid.

fishtail braid

{fishtail braid}
Pull all your hair to the side, put in a ponytail then divide hair into two sections. Seperate a section of hair from the edge of the underside of the right seperated section then pull a section from the left and join it with the right. Repeat these steps over and over until you reach the bottom of the braid. Secure in place.

bubble ponytail

{bubble pony}
Pull your hair into a single, sturdy ponytail. Secure the ponytail in place then tease out the length of the ponytail with a comb, starting at the base near the elastic band. Make a hole above the ponytail holder then loop the bottom of the ponytail up and through the hole. Tug into place. You can leave it with a single bubble or continue adding ponytail holders down the length of your hair and looping back up through the following ponytail holder to create a series of bubbles down your hair.

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