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Sock Bun + Tutorial

The sweet, styled look of a ballerina bun has always appealed to me {and my inner ballerina} but lately I have been loving the over-sized sock bun hairstyle. This style looked like it would be difficult to do, but I decided to go for it using a mesh donut bun. That tool made the hairstyle so easy to do; I felt like a sock bun professional as I rolled my hair up into the mesh bun with ease.

Sock Bun Tutorial:

1. Secure your hair in a high ponytail.
2. Pull the ponytail through the center of the donut then place donut towards the bottom of the ponytail.
3. Wrap the ponytail ends around/in the donut.
4. Start rolling/wrapping the ponytail around the sock bun, tucking your hair into the center of the sock bun as you roll it to the base of the ponytail (like you are rolling up a sleeve).
5. Tuck in any loose ends, secure with a few bobby pins and voilĂ !

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