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Drugstore Beauty Haul: Favorite Products

Prepping for our upcoming honeymoon in Europe {2 more days!} sent me to the drugstore for my favorite beauty items. My drugstore shopping starts out with a need for one or two items, but somehow I always leave with a basket full of random additions. This time I curbed my impulses and stuck to my list of must-haves beauty products I use for travel and at home.

Drugstore Beauty Haul:

Aveeno Fig & Shea Butter Body Wash has a delicious scent and helps moisturize my dry skin.
Clear Eyes Contact Lens Multi-Action Relief refreshes dry eyes without bothering my contacts.
Band-Aid Friction Block stops shoes from rubbing against your skin. I always travel with this stick.
Goody Bobby Pins in blonde for my new blonde hair.
Neutrogena Body Oil hydrates, gives skin a slight sheen and has a light, pretty scent.
Maybelline Baby Lips ‘Peach Kiss’ moisturizes and adds a teeny color pop to my lips.
Essie ‘Fiji’ Nail Polish is my perfect shade of ballerina pink.
Olay S’wipes Makeup Remover is the latest attempt to find a makeup remover that doesn’t irritate my eyes.
A small container of Vaseline for my never-ending fight against dry skin {also works to remove makeup}.
Vanity Fair was a much needed addition to keep me entertained on the long flight.

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