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After getting my hair done {blonde!} I realized I needed a few makeup tweaks to go with this look. I headed to Sephora where I quickly fell in love with Marc Jacobs new beauty line. The packaging caught my eye first; it is sleek, simple and very Marc. I wanted to buy everything but talked myself down and decided to try out a couple items first.

The Remedy Concealer Pen comes in a container similar to a pen with a click button on the bottom to dispense the concealer in a controlled amount. The tip of the concealer pen is a cooling metal applicator, which feels wonderful under your eyes {if you have used Garnier’s or YSL’s roller ball eye cream you know how fabulous this feels} and the concealer is lightweight but can be layered for more coverage. The coverage is similar to the YSL Touche Éclat, but the cooling applicator has me preferring this concealer.

The Highliner Gel Crayon is the easiest eyeliner I have ever used. It goes on easily, smoothly, no tugging or stopping on my eyes and no pencil sharpener needed; it has a built in sharpener. I want to scoop up every color.

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