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10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blahs

Is it just me or was January so slow that Christmas seems like it was 3 months again and Spring feels at least 6 months away? The New Year always hold so much promise and excitement, but then the cold winter weather hits us and the days seem unending.

I have a few tricks that I like to turn to as a way to keep the winter blahs away. I started with top 10 but really I’ve got 12….because I like to overachieve like that 😉

1. Shed some light on it: Open the blinds as soon as you wake up and look outside at the sun to wake your body up and feel alive.

2. Wear White: Seriously, throw out the old dated rules and break out your favorite white skinny jeans and pair them with black ankle booties and a black sweater. Instant winter chic.

3. Get Outside: Take a quick, brisk {literally} walk for a few minutes. Even though it’s cold the activity will brighten your mood and refresh you for the rest of the day.

4. Sweat: It’s so hard to get out of cozy winter layers but a good workout will help you stop feeling like you’re hibernating. Plus winter workouts will alleviate Springtime bikini stresses since you’ll be in amazing shape once the warmer days roll around.

5. Spoil Yourself: Get a pedicure even if no one else can see your toes because you can see them and it makes winter easier to deal with if you feel pretty. Besides, what if you were whisked off on a surprise tropical vacay one day? It’s always better to be prepared…a girl can dream anyways.

6. Plan a trip: Even if you aren’t surprised with a tropical vacation or can’t go anywhere, looking at beautiful vacation sights will make you feel more hopeful for the future. If you can get away, definitely choose a warm destination. There is no point in escaping the cold to go to a snowy location.

7. Find joy in the little things: Do one random thing each day that you love, even if it’s just wearing a bright lipstick to make you insta-happy or buying yourself a pretty bouquet of flowers to brighten up your desk. Do it.

8. Spring Clean in the Winter: Why waste those future precious sunny days cleaning inside when you can do it now since you’re stuck inside anyways? A fresh, clean space will make you feel more positive too.

9. Buy Your Way To Spring: Pick out a new pair of strappy sandals, a bright maxi dress or some piece you are dying to have in your Spring wardrobe. Buy it now and look forward to wearing it in the Spring.

10. Resolutions: Still have a few New year’s aspirations hanging around? Use this down time to sign up for those French lessons so you’ll be a pro by the time Paris in the Springtime rolls around.

11. Play: When all else fails embrace the snow, dress up in your warmest snow gear and play like a little kid again. Then come back inside and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

12. Socialize: Even though it’s super cold outside make plans with your friends for a weekend brunch or hot drinks to catch up.

What are your secrets to keeping the winter blues away?

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