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The Best Eye Cream I’ve Ever Used: Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream

The Best Eye Cream I've Ever Used: Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream

I love these late spring days that ease into sunny summer, but unfortunately my battle against dry skin doesn’t stop when the weather changes. Luckily, there are a myriad of beauty products to play with to ease this dry skin issue and my newest favorite is the Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream, which is by far the best eye cream I have ever used.… Read more

My Favorite Lip Scrub and Balm

My Favorite Lip Scrub and Balm

I’m a beauty junkie, always on the search for my next latest and greatest product. My current obsession is this lip scrub and balm from Lush. I’ve been trying to switch all my beauty products to the best all-natural products {check out my review on One Love Organics too} but it’s really hard.… Read more

Josie Maran Makeup Review

Because makeup literally sinks into my skin I’ve been trying to be more conscious of the type of makeup I am applying, searching for natural products to add to my makeup arsenal instead of products that are ridden with chemicals. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find good quality makeup that is also natural, lasts for the whole day and doesn’t have a nasty medicinal smell to it.… Read more

Style Talk: Fashion Is Good For The Soul

Fashion often gets a bum rap as too flighty, superficial, or materialistic, but that is such a shame because fashion is so much more than just a dress or an expensive pair of shoes. It is its own form of art and artistic expression as anyone who has seen any look from a street style compilation to a couture gown can attest.… Read more

One Love Organics Skin Care Review

I’ve been searching for skin care products that actually work and came across One Love Organics. The philosophy behind OLO is organic products made of the highest, purest quality ingredients. Their products are ethical, organic, environmentally driven, hand-made, and 100% water free, which is pretty amazing.… Read more

Wednesday Wishes No. 4

Valentine’s Day; everyone’s favorite day to celebrate the sweet little things. I look forward to Valentine’s Day all year long and enjoy getting to celebrate it with my love…and of course the gifting part! I always need something pink, pretty or sweet so here’s hoping the Mister is checking these wishes too!… Read more

Wednesday Wishes No. 2

I love to try out new beauty products because they always have such promise {new face/new you/new experience}, but I always come back to my favorite tried-and-true products because they WORK. As much fun as new is, it’s even better knowing that the money invested in good beauty products is money well spent…because what’s the point if it all goes to waste or {even worse} makes you feel unhappy.… Read more

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