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What Yoga and Barre Have Given Me

Ok, you guys I’ve got to share this with you. Apologies in advance if I sound all OTT in love with yoga and barre but…well I guess I am. I’ve been taking yoga for over a year and barre for about 6 months. Taking these classes has been the single greatest thing I have done for myself. Seriously, the joy and pleasure I get from every class is unmatched {even by an amazing purse}.

Since taking yoga I’ve become so much more aware of my body and the amazing things it can do. My yoga teacher Jaimis has taught me form, along with strength, forgiveness and made me see how much more I am capable of. With barre my posture has improved and my legs have gotten more toned than from all the squats and lunges I’ve done in my lifetime combined. But even more than that, it’s the intense feeling of accomplishment I get from these classes. Even on the days when the combos being taught are so hard it’s all I can do to survive till the end of class…and some days it is just about survival because my barre teacher Kate is killer {in the best way possible}. But I do survive and by the next class I realize I can do it again. The exhilarating feeling I get from these classes is unlike anything else.

While I’d always worked out before taking yoga and barre, I never enjoyed it. Running was good for being in shape, but I was miserable before, during and after every run. Lifting weights (tiny but still counts!} toned my body but bored me to tears, and cardio machines equally bored me. So I constantly switched from one thing to next, never enjoying any of it, merely enduring for the results I wanted. I think you have to find what you love or you won’t stick with it {at least I won’t}.

Finding yoga and barre was life-changing. I am so focused on the movements during each class that every thought, worry or concern is gone for that entire class. I just completely lose myself in the moment. Because of these classes I am more confident in myself, in my thoughts and in my appearance. I truly feel like I own my body, as I control my body and determine what it can do, teaching it new muscle movements, new positions and balance. I power my body. It’s a feeling of strength, control and pure joy that I never had before and I feel so much better because of it.

What about you? Do you have a workout that gives you that feeling of pure bliss combined with accomplishment? Or are you still searching like I was?

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