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The Best Yoga Pants

I expect quality and proper fit when I purchase something, but shopping for good yoga pants was difficult! The most common problems I found were yoga pants that were too sheer, wouldn’t stay in place through movements, the waistbands sliding down or giving muffin top, or the cute looking fold-over waistbands never staying in place and instead creating a lump across the midsection {not attractive}.

After countless searches the best yoga pants I’ve come across are the Zella ‘Live In’. These pants hold their shape through repeated wears and washes, are not sheer, are thick but not uncomfortably so {I’ve worn them in regular, heated and outdoor yoga}, sit just right on the waist, are not too expensive and best of all they never slip down. I’ve been rotating through a couple pairs for 1+ year now {I go to yoga 5 days a weeks} and the pants still look good.

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