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Coffee Table Books On Display

As a child going to the library or bookstore was one of my favorite treats; seeing all the colorful books laid out, each with their own story to tell and imaginary world to fall into. Now as an adult the bookstore {and Amazon} still gives me that same thrill as I search out a beautiful story or photography book, preferably in a coffee table format.

I am crazy for coffee table books. I usually request at least 2 or 3 each holiday and add to my collection all year long. Because of this I rotate my books in and out of display on my coffee table to suit the seasons or my mood.

But it always seems such a shame to me when the books that are not on display get shoved back into a bookcase with only their spines visible. These beautiful books are art to me and to not be able to see them in all their glory is a waste.

The minimalist shelves and bookcase in these images are so discreet that the covers of the books are the showcase, making each book look like the art it is. It’s a sleek way to have a massive amount of books on display at once, along with making the books much more accessible to read than if they were stacked on a shelf.

Tell me, has anyone tried displaying their books like this? I would love to find a skinny bookshelf ladder like the one above. Has anyone seen one available that is similar?

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