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Beauty Junkie Moment: Lip Balm Comparisons

As a self-confessed beauty junkie I am always trying new products. One of my beauty product obsessions has been with lip balms, searching for the perfect one that hydrates, plumps and makes my lips look healthy {preferably luscious!}. Last week I mentioned one of my favorite lip conditioners {see here} and this weekend I was sent a sample of La Mer The Lip Balm. I have heard wonderful things about the La Mer balm but the high price has made me hesitant. This gave me the perfect chance to compare it to the Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner I have been using, along with another lip conditioner I have used in the past; Smith’s Rosebud Salve because of the drastic price differences {$50, $28, and $6} between these three products. {I also felt sick all weekend so the chance to use a luscious new product perked me up!}

I alternated between the three over the weekend and the La Mer Lip Balm is my choice as the best product – it hydrates {my dry lips were gone after the first application!}, plumped my lips so they looked healthy and full, it has a light, pleasant scent, and the teeniest amount is all that is needed. The Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner is also a very good product; it hydrates well but not quite as quickly as the La Mer, it has a light rose scent, gives lips a pale pink color, and has the prettiest packaging. The Smith’s Rosebud Salve left my lips too shiny/greasy looking and they felt dry within moments after each application so I did not like using it at all. While the price for the La Mer balm is pretty prohibitive, the amount used for each application is minimal, which helps to offset the cost. If the La Mer price point is completely out of your budget, I still recommend theĀ Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner as an excellent alternative.

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