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Winter Baths: Why You Must Indulge

I’m an indulgent kind of girl so bubble baths are right up my alley. Ever since I outgrew Mr. Bubble, my go-to bath products have been from L’Occitine and Laura Mercier, with their decadent scents and pretty packaging helping to create a blissful bath time. I’d heard about the wonders of Epsom bath salts mixed with coconut oil, but felt that it wasn’t for me since the bath came sans bubbles. After a particularly tough yoga session I decided to try out this simple concoction and I am now addicted.

The bath salts work as a detox; de-puffs my skin, relaxes and revives my sore muscles. Plus my skin instantly feels moisturized from the coconut oil and the hot bath warms me up from the cold weather. This new bath style relaxes me so much each time that I can barely stay awake long enough to crawl into bed.

My personal bath style: Mix bath salts {1-2 cups} with coconut oil {2 heaping tablespoons} and essential oil {2-3 drops of lavender}. The coconut oil instantly softens my skin in the tub and the lavender gives a soothing scent. Afterwards {à la Gwyneth Paltrow} I slather myself in coconut oil, which has taken away my dry winter skin. Oh and another benefit to this bath? It’s a wonderful way to treat yourself to a good-for-your-body time. So hurry to your bathroom and create a little winter indulgence that will warm you up and do wonders for your body and mind.

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