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Pointy-toed Pumps and Skinny Jeans

While a degree comfort is usually key to dressing, when it comes to pointy-toed pumps sometimes you just have to suffer for fashion because a pointy-toed pump worn with your favorite skinny jeans is insta-chic. The look is unquestionably flattering on any body type and a go-to style option for nights out, a casual work day or an afternoon date.

Wearing these pieces with a chambray top gives a fashion-forward look to the style and popping a patterned blazer over the chambray gives an extra layer of warmth and style.

However, searching for the perfect nude pumps is comparable to shopping for the perfect skinny jeans – nearly impossible. My favorite shoe brands {Prada, Gucci, Chanel} had options but I knew I didn’t want to make a major investment since the cost per wear ratio would be astronomical given that I wouldn’t wear them every week.

While I normally advocate buying investment pieces in the best versions you can afford, I knew that I would not wear these enough over the years to justify a high price range. I was realistic about the fact that I work from home so my dressing up options do not happen as often as if I was in an office, plus I am ankle booties and ballet flats girl at heart. However, I still wanted a pair of pumps that would be good quality and look good too.

Several months of browsing included a downtown shopping trip with family where I tried a store that isn’t usually on my shopping radar {which goes to show it helps to branch out sometimes} and I found the pointy-toed nude pumps I’d been searching for; the pumps fit well, matched my skin tone, the price range was what I wanted and the pumps were actually walkable, which is often the hardest part of all to find!

Being able to grab these perfectly fitting nude pumps when I want to elevate my go-to skinny jeans to something a little more dressy is just what my wardrobe needed to give it a little extra kick.

What about you? Do you have your perfect pointy-toed pumps or are you still searching?

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