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3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli

Last Thanksgiving I splurged on the medium 3.1 Phillip Lim during a black Friday online sale. I was so excited to receive the bag, but sadly when it arrived it was just too big. Like so big I felt as if I was carrying a briefcase. I’ve seen this bag on so many street style shots, but had never realized just how big it was {or how short I am} until it was hanging from my side.

I returned the bag instead of exchanging it for the mini Pashli, assuming it would be much too small for my needs. Recently I found the mini Pashli on a one-time sale and bought it “just in case”. Fast forward to today and I am now madly in love with the mini Pashli.

Yes, it is mini, but it still holds my wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss, hand lotion, notebook and random accessories with room to spare. The smaller size is also the perfect transition size to spring when we all crave lighter, easier pieces that match the springtime weather.

The bag itself is beautifully made; the leather is soft but durable, the snap is easy to use and the length is perfection; it can adjust from over the wrist to shoulder strap to cross-body. The interior has a soft silky lining and small zip pocket.

The bag can be made tinier by zipping up the outer zippers or leave them open to expand the bag and give off a casual vibe.  Definitely a must-have for every purse collection.

What about you? Do you have any of the Pashli’s or are you still just eying them?

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