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Peonies and A Pregnancy Update




I cannot believe that I am at 38 weeks today. Time has both flown by and been so wonderfully slow, allowing me to revel in finally being pregnant. We have come so far from that first moment of nervous hope at 7 weeks in the doctor’s office to 38 WEEKS! I had really begun to believe I would never get pregnant and now to be so close to our due date is unbelievably exciting. I am really hoping to be as close to 40 weeks as possible for the birth and am trying to stay anxiety free to help reach this goal. But I am so anxious to hit 40 weeks that I wish I could already be at 40 weeks just to know we made it to our goal. So yes, I’m anxiously wishing time could continue to float along and speed by at the same time!

Other than my constant need to stare at the calendar as I count down each day, I have been staying calm and absolutely love being pregnant. I am so in awe of what my body is doing and feel a thrill every time the baby kicks me. I really love how I feel every day, even on the days when I am so tired that going up the staircase or running to the grocery store exhausts me.

The Hubs is normally the calm, patient person in our relationship. Normally. But as each day passes he is getting more and more anxious, waking at night to check on me. Not knowing when I could go into labor is more stressful to him than the months leading up to this day. I tease him about his current anxious state, but I think it’s so sweet!

I haven’t really felt that intense need to nest that everyone talks about. I have decorated the nursery over and over, but I think that’s more my need for perfection than a “nesting” instinct! Or could it be that I’ve been nesting so much since we moved in a year ago that I don’t recognize the feeling?! Either way, I’ve been doing bits of rearranging and decorating each day to keep busy. I moved my favorite entertaining books to the cabinet we use as a bar cart and I am drooling over how pretty the last bunch of peonies I found at Whole Foods looks inside the spatterware pitcher by Tory Burch.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

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