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Coffee Table Books On Display

As a child going to the library or bookstore was one of my favorite treats; seeing all the colorful books laid out, each with their own story to tell and imaginary world to fall into. Now as an adult the bookstore {and Amazon} still gives me that same thrill as I search out a beautiful story or photography book, preferably in a coffee table format.… Read more

Wednesday Wishes No. 4

Valentine’s Day; everyone’s favorite day to celebrate the sweet little things. I look forward to Valentine’s Day all year long and enjoy getting to celebrate it with my love…and of course the gifting part! I always need something pink, pretty or sweet so here’s hoping the Mister is checking these wishes too!… Read more

Storage and Display For Fashion Magazines

I live in a small space with very little storage, so I try to keep my clutter to a minimum. This past year I’ve switched all my magazine subscriptions to my tablet and I love that there are no longer stacks of magazines piled around my desk, instead they are all neatly compiled in my tablet.… Read more

Thanksgiving Chalkboard Table Setting

Thanksgiving is just a week away and decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do. This year I am completely enamored with the idea of using a chalkboard table runner for a Thanksgiving table setting. It’s a unique way to dress the table, list what’s on the menu, add some sweet doodles and also a fun way to bring out the artist {or inner child} in each of your guests.… Read more

Kate Spade Glitter-Filled Splurge

Kate Spade glitter kick {$80} / Kate Spade nail polish {$28} / Kate Spade scented candle {$40} / Kate Spade Supercalifragilipstick! In Precocious Pink {$24}

Ok, I know the last thing anyone wants to hear is me whining about living in Paris and I DO love it here, but I really had no idea it would rain Every.Single.Day.… Read more

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