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As I’ve said before I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I have one tradition that I follow at the beginning of every new year; a closet purge. I spent this past weekend locked in my closet viciously editing Every.Single.Item. It was kind of exhausting and completely refreshing at the same time. I had held on to so many items that I didn’t wear because of sentimental or monetary reasons, but each time I saw those pieces I felt guilt over wasted space and/or wasted money.

After purging the “never going to wear it again, OMG what was I thinking” items out of my closet, optimizing the display possibilities for the keepers was my main goal. The pieces I kept are my favorites; items I reach for over and over again, that the sight of gives me a thrill of pleasure. I wanted to display all these favorites because if I see it I’ll wear it. I don’t do well when stuff is in boxes, forgetting about it completely.

I learned a few things from this closet re-do including that in order to see everything you must have good lighting. Everything {yourself included!} looks so much better in bright light.

And if you don’t see it you won’t wear it, so put everything in sight, no more stacks of boxes hiding your shoes and accessories. Fashion is art and so many of the pieces we buy are gorgeous and deserve to be displayed.

Another must is white walls; it helps to have a clean backdrop so that your wardrobe {with all of its colorful options} can be the focal point instead of the walls.

A large mirror is a must. I have a massive one at the opening of the closet; it reflects the light in the room and gives a full view of my outfit.

Invest in a clothing rack; it’s simple style adds a shoppers feel to my clothes, making me want to purchase my wardrobe again and again. A tiny rack would also work to lay out your outfit for the next day.

Always remember that if you love it keep it, but if you’re indifferent to a piece or worried about wasted money it’s not worth the closet space to keep regrets. Plus the purge will make room for a whole new season of must-haves…

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