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Shoes: How To Display Your Favorite Pairs

We spends fortunes on the perfect pairs, loving the look and feel of beautiful shoes. However, when it comes to storing them, I feel it’s a waste to keep these beautiful shoes in boxes. I prefer to figure out ways to incorporate shoes in to my space the way most people would incorporate artwork. Whether it’s possible to dedicate an entire room {next on my wish list!} or in small spaces, here are some display ideas.

{using a low bookcase displays the shoes and creates a space for additional favorite items on top of the case}

{fill an entire armoire with shoes and you can shop your armoire just as you would in a shop}

{shelving your shoes in an entry way, above a bench is both practical and visually pleasing}

{to keep the staircase usable,  line the shoes up one side of the staircase}

{hang your favorites from a vintage ladder}

{or from picture molding}

{colorful shoes on the window sill make the view even more beautiful}

{treat your favorite shoes like a precious collectible and display them under a glass dome}

{integrated in to your bookcase as bookends}

{J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons dedicated a light-filled room that is brimming with shoes}

{close-up of a wall of shoes in Jenna Lyons’ closet}

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