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SJP Shoes By Sarah Jessica Parker

As a Sex in the City fan I was thrilled when I heard Sarah Jessica Parker would be coming out with her own shoe line, sold exclusively through Nordstrom. I’ve been highly anticipating this release {February 28th} and a sneak peek showed they were even better than what I was hoping for.

Her shoe line is just what any Carrie fan could hope for; the designs are sexy but still walkable and even include flats {much to my thrill} because SJP believes “There’s nothing sexy about not being able to walk”.


Parker takes her shoe line so seriously she went to Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus for assistance with this line. Her design has a minimalist touch to it, with modern shapes and styles. The designs also include a sleek SJP logo and a personal touch throughout with a tiny bit a grosgrain ribbon on each shoe {reminiscent of the childhood ribbons SJP’s mom put on her each day}. Another fabulous perk to these shoes is SJP’s insistence that they be made in Italy, creators of the best shoes {even Chanel ballet flats are made in Italy}.

The price line is much more accessible than the Shoegal’s beloved Manolo’s, ranging from $195-$485. Parker is aware of her fan base, stating “Those are hard-earned bucks so I really tried to give women beautiful silhouettes and colors and excellent quality for their money”. Check out more info here, including a few SJP personal appearances!

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