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Classic Chic Winter Style

This chic winter look is made up of two perfect classics; a luxuriously rich caramel colored handbag and a winter white cashmere turtleneck. Pairing these two classic pieces with distressed denim and stacked bangle bracelets gives this look an of-the-moment style.

Classic wardrobe pieces are a must for any complete closet. But your wardrobe evolves just like your personalty – over time. There is no rush to buy up every single wardrobe staple at once, but buying classics like cashmere sweaters at the end of winter {spring clothes are coming in so winter is on sale} is a good way to get the classic sweater at a lower {on sale} price point.

Having these go-to classic pieces in your wardrobe makes getting dressed that much easier each day. Plus it guarantees that you will always look chic…and who doesn’t want that?

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