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Bringing My Vacation Lifestyle Home

Traveling is such a joy to me; whether it is experiencing new things or returning to old favorites, travel gives me such an intense pleasure. The negative? Returning home can get me down {especially after two weeks in sunny South Florida with 80+ degree temps!}. I don’t like the area we currently live in, so I find it difficult to enjoy the return home.

Yes, it’s good to see friends and family again, get back in certain routines, etc but I often suffer from a bit of travel blues for a few days. It probably sounds silly to some people but the lack of beauty in this area really depresses me.

In every other part of my life I practice what I preach – live every day to its fullest, seek your own happy and bring a little joy and glitter into your life. But when it comes to where I’m doing those things I get cranky.

This time around I’m trying to make a conscious effort to enjoy the here and now, along with the where. So while I can’t head out to the beach on a moments notice, I can take a few of my favorite beach life traits and apply them to my current situation:

1. Relax – Once I get to the beach/down south my stress level lowers by at least 50%, my voice gets softer and I breathe. I plan on following that up at home with the simple reminder to just take a deep breathe and let it all go. Nothing is so dramatic that it cannot be fixed. Life isn’t static, it always changes and what seems impossible will not be so by the end.

2. Little Things – Down south I spend more time reading, sitting in the quiet and just being at one with myself. All of that can easily be down here too by just turning off the distractions {phone, TV, neighborly noise} and sitting down to enjoy a few peaceful moments with myself.

3. Vitamin D – I crave the sun. Some days during the winter I literally felt weak from the cold and lack of Vitamin D. I’m lucky enough to work from home so even though I am chilled easily I plan on taking more time to go outside and soak up all the rays I can get. This will obviously be much easier once spring is in full force!

4. Get Out More – In South Florida we have a good circle of friends, multiple beaches, the pool, outdoor yoga, markets and festivals, and random events daily. I’m going to try to find more local events to attend, along with trying to find a little bit more beauty in the day to day life here. Just because it’s hard to find doesn’t mean it isn’t out there.  And when in doubt a glass of wine can help too!

Happy weekend everyone!


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