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Just Breathe

I keep my lifestyle fairly simple; enjoying the same day-to-day routines, but because of that I can get overwhelmed pretty easily when there is a lot going on. With all the trip planning, last minute shopping {I keep adding on must-have wardrobe pieces!} and getting as much work done in advance as possible, I had been getting a bit stressed.

To beat the stress, I started reminding myself to focus on enjoying every day as it comes along, do what you can and “just breathe”. This holiday weekend I really embraced my “just breathe” mantra; I took my little cousins out for an all-day play date, spent all of Saturday watching college football, had an early birthday celebration for my Gram {she’s turning 81!} and enjoyed a laid-back Labor Day.

I remembered that the most important thing is to enjoy every day of life, live it to its fullest – whether your day is packed full of stuff to do/places to go or it’s just laying out reading a book and napping, enjoying each day and “just breathing” is what’s most important because all the little stuff will get done in time. What do you like to do to relax and avoid being overwhelmed?

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