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Pre-Christmas Indulgences & Traditions

With Christmas just 2 days away I took this past weekend to relax and indulge in a few Christmas treats. This year I did nearly all my holiday shopping online {shockingly easy!} so that I could avoid the mad dash around the shops and instead enjoy the holidays with get-togethers with friends, watching my favorite holiday movies, and best of all late night drinks and Christmas treats with the Mister.

Last Christmas was my first “official” Christmas with the Mister, but it passed by in a blur so this year I focused more on how to enjoy each day of the holidays and ways to integrate new and old traditions. It’s so important to find the things that give you joy in each day and even more so when the holiday rush can get to you.

The majority of my holiday favorites are pretty simple; wearing anything and everything cashmere, choosing and decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music, wrapping presents while watching Christmas movies, unending glasses of hot chocolate, walks around the neighborhood to see the lights, baking Christmas Eve cookies “for Santa”, Christmas Eve pajamas, and Christmas pedicures with my cousins.

One new tradition I am adding this year is making Christmas breakfast. I love to cook so I’m excited for the yummy Christmas morning treats I’ll be making, including baked French toast and a hot chocolate bar for a warm Christmas treat. What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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