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The hubs and I are getting an early start to the weekend, meeting up with his family for a mini reunion/get-together. I’m pretty excited for all the fun stuff planned, but am also looking at this as a way to continue practicing a better packing style so I can be prepped for a vacation at any time. I love a last minute get-away, a long-timed planned trip or a quickie weekend trip, but I used to have the most embarrassing habit of packing at the Very.Last.Second. This obviously created a stressful feeling {not ideal for vacations} and I always over-packed. The last several months I have tried to change that and get in to the habit of packing in advance. While I have several tried-and-true outfits, I would throw in random extra bits that made no sense and took up space. My last couple trips {here and here} have been a reminder of the importance of planning ahead plus using the perfect travel accessories to make everything easier. I’m happy to leave my last minute packing style behind!

One of my new favorite things to use for travel is this fabulous packing list {gifted to me by a very organized friend} that covers everything from the little bits like toothpaste and gum to the big stuff such as wardrobe and electronics. I have a few basics that I always pack {vintage sunnies, headphones, a favorite tee} and for this relaxing weekend I’m also bringing along a must-read, go-to beauty essentials,  a sweet pair of pajamas {on sale!} and I cannot take any vacation without my sleep mask. Do you have any favorite packing tips or must-bring items?

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