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neutrals beige and white

I prefer a neutral palette with much of my wardrobe, choosing clothing that is grey, white, beige, black and navy, with the occasional stripe, floral print or pastel to mix with the neutrals. Now that Spring is here, I want to do a bit of redecorating to our abode and have realized that I have the same likes for my decor that I have for my wardrobe. These are the spaces that inspire me…

neutrals grey and white dining

{dramatic mixing of vintage posters in grey and black against the all white furniture and walls}

neutrals living

{similar shades are used for all the pieces in this room so the details in the fabrics and accessories can be showcased}

neutral living

{soft, soothing white mixed with rustic pieces creates a relaxing space}

neutrals bedroom

{detailed molding becomes the focal point when muted tones are used throughout the space}

neutral bedroom

{neutral colors allow the furniture to fade away and the focus to be on the incredible outdoor space)

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