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Create Your Own Gallery Wall

After staring at the blank wall over our sofa for months I finally decided on a gallery wall for the area. I didn’t want one massive piece of art hanging over our heads, instead I wanted to create a moving wall of artwork that would be visually appealing and allow me to add on over time.

The most difficult part was starting. A blank wall can be SO intimidating, but after gathering the artwork I wanted to put together {and a few false starts} I now have several tips that will make creating your own gallery wall much easier.

{{Select Your Art}}
Find artwork that inspires you or gives you a burst of pleasure when you see it. I like to have a mix of abstract art, sketches, and word art, with one or two personal photos added in.

Art doesn’t have to be expensive; I used a variety of prints bought while traveling, found on Etsy or through small print shops.

{{Select Your Frames}}
I chose mainly white and gold frames, with a few black frames for added interest. Most of the frames were inexpensive purchases from Target and Home Goods.

{{Lay It All Out}}
Start your gallery wall with 2-4 pieces in the center of the space. This helps you create a focal point and a space to build around. Play with the art like your would puzzle pieces, finding which ones looks best next to each other.

Layout the framed pieces on the floor in front of where you will be hanging them. {Confession: I’m too impatient to follow the “proper” gallery wall instructions by cutting out paper shapes of all my frames and taping them to the wall. Laying the frames on the ground in front of the space I was filling helped me visualize the final look and skip a time consuming step}

If you do use a variety of light and dark colored frames, {black, white and gold in my case} keep the darker colors away from each other. This will keep your eye moving over the whole space and create a more balanced look overall.

The higher up you go on the wall with your art the taller the surrounding space will seem.

{{Complete/Incomplete Gallery Wall}}
Fill in your entire gallery wall space for a completed look or keep it unfinished, allowing space on the sides of the gallery wall to add on. I like to collect art when I travel so the ability to add on a visual memory to the gallery wall is appealing.

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