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Pink Interior Decor Inspiration

GMG pink sofa

I know some people consider me”basic”.  This label used to bother me, but over the past year I have slowly gotten over the concern of what others think of me, especially now that I’m pregnant. It seems that as my body changes day by day, my thoughts do too – I no longer worry if someone is judging me because I enjoy the simpler, “basic” things. So yes, for me it’s peonies in the springtime, pumpkin spice everything in the fall, I drink pressed juices, go to Chipotle weekly, adore everything Lauren Conrad does, scrolling through Pinterest is my favorite form of relaxation, my go-to updo is a messy bun, and I believe in pink all year long! There I’ve confessed it all and I’m proud of it 😉 Now here are my favorite pink inspirations for your interior decor needs.

If you love pink as much as I do, be sure to follow along on the new Pink Everything board I created on Pinterest. Happy Thursday friends!

little pink houses pink and wood tones pink bedding pink copper white kitchen pink couch copper table pink door pink kitchen wall pink pillows sofa pink pillows pink restaurant pink sofa mirrors pink tufted chair pink wall pink walls and molding pink gallery wall pink and gold pink wardrobe pink perfect door pink bathtub pink desktop pink touches pink gold bed pink bifold doors pink dishes pink bench

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