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Think Pink…Flamingos

Think Pink...Flamingos

Flamingos and the color pink just scream summertime to me. I have an unusual fear of birds (mostly from watching Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds at a young age) but my fear comes to a screeching halt when I am confronted by any version of a flamingo – whether live, in photography or on piece of clothing I am absolutely fascinated by this bird of paradise.
Maybe it’s my love for the color pink or their long skinny legs, but I can spend far too long gazing at flamingos, which my Mr. discovered during a trip to Sea World when he had to drag me away from the flamingos after patiently waiting on the side for over 20 minutes.
Either way these beautiful creatures and their happy shade of pink remind me of summertime all year long so I often enjoy adding just a teeny bit of flamingo pink into my wardrobe (and decor) all year long.

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