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Bits & Baubles: Lust List

I love to add glam with little bits and baubles. Lately I have been obsessing over these particular ones…

Tiffany and Co playing cards. An absolute must have for decadence and fun

Tiffany blue coasters

Adorably quirky wine stoppers

Equally quirky and fun way to incorporate a little Marie Antoinette into daily life with this vase

The gold nail polish is gorgeous but the cork stop topper is even better

I discovered Speculoos in Paris and it’s the most delicious cookie spread. Isn’t life always happier with a spoonful of cookie?

My Big Balloon. Absolutely the best balloon concept I have ever seen, both with the size and the fab streamers!  I am gifting this to myself for my next birthday.

The letter candy dishes are so perfect for a party table display. I am trying to decide between XOXO or the first initials for my hubby and myself with a heart

I have fallen in love with the idea of a gold bar cart. I am going to start scouring vintage shops in search of one

Sleep is the most important beauty regimen, and why not channel Holly Golightly?!  I purchased a sleep mask from Etsy like the one from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It adds the most decadent style to sleeping

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