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My Dream Closet Is Becoming A Reality


My dream closet is being installed today…and I am so freaking excited! Originally, I thought I would go for a minimalist approach with a simple bookcase to store my shoes and bags, but honestly I’m not that minimalist of a person when it comes to my shoes and bags, so I needed much more storage. I also want this space to feel like my own personal boutique so a professional was the only way to go. Trust me when I say I cannot do DIY. My few attempts have always been a disaster and the one DIY try with this closet resulted in a lot of sweat, tears, and returns!

I absolutely adore the closet/office Rachel from Pink Peonies shared on her blog last year and used that as inspiration for my own space. I don’t have an entire room (I wish!!), but luckily I do have an oversized closet to work with. The closet designer and I worked together to create similarly styled display space for my favorite bags and shoes, along with double hung clothing, built-in drawers and a few other fun surprises. I’ll be sharing the finished closet next week, but until then here are a few images from my inspiration.

closet2 closet3 closet4 closet5 closet6 closet7

images borrowed from Pink Peonies

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  1. Sharon
    August 24, 2015 at 7:54 pm (6 years ago)

    Your closet is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy! Im glad you enjoyed Xtend Barre,see you soon!


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