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halloween instagram recap…


I started out this Halloween weekend with a themed Starbucks vampire-inspired frappuccino made up of white mocha and raspberry. I love a theme and this drink combo was a win. This Halloween is the first holiday The Hubs and I have had in our first home and I was excited, but also a little worried: I normally spend Halloween night with my cousins helping them with their makeup and then going with as they trick-or-treat, so I worried I would miss that (FOMO always gets me) too much to fully enjoy our first Halloween in our first home, but The Hubs went above and beyond to make sure I had a fun Halloween with just the two of us.… Read more

Game Day For Date Night

the swamp

Before moving to Florida, The Hubs and I had talked excitedly about being able to make day-trips to some of our favorite things to do in Florida, including football games at University of Florida once we moved. We are boh huge college football fans and late in the week we realized we had nothing planned for the weekend, so we decided to drive up for the UF game against Tennessee on Saturday afternoon.… Read more

5 Beauty Essentials For Busy Days


I am extremely optimistic person, which is great most of the time, but when it comes to time management my eternal optimism is a detriment. I am so certain that I always have enough time to do something or be somewhere…until moments later when I realize I will be late or barely arrive on time.… Read more

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