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15 Thanksgiving Day Things To Do

15 Thanksgiving Day Things To Do

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving” – W.T. Purkiser

Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, but the main topic of conversation for many of us is who’s going where, bringing what, and what to do on the day of.  I’m usually pretty good about waiting until the holidays actually arrive before getting into the decorating, parties, food, gift-giving, etc, but this year I simply cannot wait. I’m counting down the days to this feast day, along with welcoming in the Christmas season. I’m excited to start shopping for gifts, wrapping presents, spreading a bit of joy here and there, and making plans for the holidays.

The husband and I don’t have our own little traditions just yet, but we do have several things we like to do each holiday with our families and friends. I also have a some more ideas that may help you get as excited for the holidays and the long Thanksgiving weekend as I am.

1. Go for a long walk in the chilly air before settling in for the turkey dinner to really get you hungry for the day. This is also a great excuse to bundle up in your favorite layers and pop on a blanket scarf.

2. Start listening to Christmas music. As soon as Thanksgiving Day hits I start cranking out the holiday tunes.

3. Watch the football game or start your own tradition by playing a pick-up game of flag football with friends and family. If football is not your thing, then start a Scrabble or Dominoes tournament instead.

4. Bake (or buy) a scrumptious pie. Instead of a grocery store bought version, find the best recipe and make your own delicious masterpiece or get one from the best bakery in your town and indulge.

5. This is the season to cuddle up in your coziest sweater with a mug of hot chocolate. All the holiday sales going on right now make this the perfect time to buy a few more too. I’ve got my eye on this one and this one.

6. Find a quiet corner to start reading that book you’ve been hoping to have the time to enjoy, while also sipping on a hot cup of tea.

7. Bake cookies for friends, family, co-workers. Anyone you want to give that extra little love, attention and cheer to.

8. Wake up early to watch the Macy’s Parade. In person. Or at least at home cuddled up in your softest blanket and flannel pajamas.

9. Admire the holiday lights in your neighborhood or favorite city.

10. Eat turkey. A lot of turkey.

11. Start watching your favorite holiday movies. I have a long list of favorites so I like to start right away and at the top of my list is The Holiday.

12. Go to New York City for a day or two. There is no better city in America for a jolt of Christmas spirit – the streets are lit up with lights, every corner is festooned and Rockefeller Center has the prettiest tree every year.

13. A drive or flight is guaranteed around Thanksgiving as we all travel to see friends and family. Make your drive into a road trip – travel along the coast, take the scenic route, stop off to see a sight or too along the way, or make your holiday weekend into a mini getaway by jetting off somewhere tropical.

14. Take part in a turkey trot to run off that extra slice of pie AND earn that plate of leftovers for later that night.

15. Go ice skating or watch the ice skaters. There is something so sweet and romantic as you watch couples, friends and families twirling around together, blissfully enjoying themselves.

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