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Fall To-Do List

Each season I create a to-do list of must-dos to never done. This helps me to always get the most enjoyment out of every season, and to remember to enjoy the big and little things in any given day. This season will be a bit different since I’m currently living in Paris {no pumpkin patch picking or decorating}, but will bring it’s own unique ways to enjoy the season. Fall is without a doubt my favorite season; the colors in nature are beautiful, the air is crisp, clothes are cozily layered and it ushers in the upcoming holidays. What’s on your Fall to-do list?

1. See the leaves change colors at the Tuileries Gardens.
2. Bundle up in thick, chunky sweaters with leggings and boots.
3. Try to watch one scary movie without shutting it off 15 minutes in because “it’s too scary”. (Zombieland counts right?!)
4. Make apple cinnamon pancakes {all my favorites in one food make this a must!}.
5. Go to a fall-flavored wine tasting.
6. Watch college football every Saturday.
7. Buy a new cashmere sweater {or two!} for Fall.
8. Keep practicing my French without fear of being laughed at by the French.
9. Go for long walks enjoying the crisp Fall air.
10. Enjoy every.single.minute. of my time in Paris.

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