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Vive La France!

bastille vive

Bastille in Paris is one of the most fun days to celebrate in this magical city and everyone participates; from the tourists to the locals who all clamor around the Eiffel Tower and on to the firefighters who take this holiday┬áseriously {the fire department near our apartment had a THREE NIGHT party for the Firemen’s Ball!}.… Read more

Sunday Brunch in Delray Beach

Sunday Brunch in Delray Beach

Yesterday was a full-on Sunday Funday with brunch at a new location (every location is still new to me!) in Delray Beach. I met up with an old friend and a new friend (? early days so it’s past acquaintance but seems too soon to say friend…?) at Max’s Harvest, a “farm to fork restaurant” that combines fresh ingredients with fun elements, including a champagne bar that had everything from fruit to cotton candy and jolly ranchers to mix in your glass, along with a Bloody Mary bar.… Read more

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