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Road Trip Requirements

Road Trip Requirements

With the vast amount of road trips we have taken over the last year I’ve gotten my road trip requirements down pretty well. I’ve also made my mistakes along the way – eating sugary foods when you are trapped in a car for multiple hours is BAD idea. Same with that foolish decision to eat salty cheese crackers when you are both lactose AND gluten/wheat/grain intolerant. Oops indeed. So learn from my mistakes and read on for my tips on battling boredom, packing well, how to have fun on long road trips and to find joy rather than annoyance in the unexpected.

1. Be spontaneous – You never know what you may see as you travel along. One of my favorite travel moments occurred on a recent road trip back from Key West. We spotted the prettiest beach along our way and quickly pulled over for an impromptu photo shoot {here and here} and beachside meandering.  The stop was so pretty we talked about it for much of the drive back to Boca.

2. Good tunes – A good playlist is an absolute must. Whether you are with your friends or your partner, at some point you’re either going to be tired of talking, run out of things to say or just want a full-on karaoke-filled car drive (I am usually of the latter since I never run out of things to talk about and love to sing. At the top of my lungs preferably).

3. Photos – This one is both easy and tough for me. I love to capture every moment of a trip, but I also want each moment captured to be perfect. So I occasionally lose the carefree moment as I shift around to get the best light, and/or rearrange everyone in the photo to just the right angle. I always bring my DSLR and Polaroid with me, but often find myself using since it’s on hand. I’ve accepted my preference for ease in cameras but always bring the others with for that “just in case” moment.

4. Healthy snacks – An absolute must! As I mentioned above I have made a few mistakes in the snacking department in the past and seriously regretted them. From feeling sluggish to nauseated and worse, it’s just not worth it. Now I always pack fresh fruit (bananas are my go-to), nuts, coconut water, green juice, and gluten-free pretzels or dried veggies for a crunchy snack.

5. Audio books – These have been a lifesaver when faced with 4+ hours in the car (a drive to/from VA takes 18 hours spread out over two days!) so The Husband and I often listen to audio books or podcasts. The last few drives have included Gone Girl (riveting and passed time) to The Fault in our Stars (sad but thought provoking on the meaning of life) and Unbroken (inspiring in parts and horrifying in others!). All good stories but each brings its own vibe so it’s important to choose your subjects!

6. Hydrate – Just as air travel can dry you out, so can car travel with the air conditioning or heater blasting on you for hours on end. It’s important to drink water often. It may mean more stops along the way, but it’s better than getting a headache from dehydration. I also always bring a moisturizing lip balm, face oil {just a few drops make all the difference!} and hand lotion in my tote bag so I can apply them as needed throughout the drive.

7. Sunglasses – I never go anywhere without an aviator pair on and cat eyed pair in my purse.

8. Que sera sera – A willingness to accept that anything can happen – roads can close, traffic can be bad, storms can appear. Half the fun of a road trip is the unexpected so keep your arrival time loose to ease up on road stresses that may occur.

9. Road trip outfit – I always travel with a chambray shirt, whether a weekend away, long road trip or international this is the one shirt that I can always turn to in any moment. For the road trip outfit keep in mind you are going to be n a small space for countless hours so comfort is a necessity, but you also don’t want to look like a slob. I’ve found my go-to outfit is a pair of black Lululemon leggings, loose fitting tank top {on sale!) and either ballet flats or espadrilles, for a slip-on shoe that looks chic and is comfortable. The outfit is cute, comfortable for endless hours road tripping and once you arrive (or are making quick stops along the way) pop on the chambray shirt which gives your outfit a casually styled and purposeful look.

10. Look closer – It’s so easy to get caught up in the final destination that you miss out on the traveling. Some of the prettiest sunsets and sunrises I’ve seen have occurred along the way as we were late getting to our destination, spotting a beautiful mountain in the background, or a pretty beach along the roadside.

*image found via Pinterest | text by Style Domaine

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