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Moving Day

Moving Day | Road Trip

“Distance can be measured. Love cannot. Love will therefore always, always overcome distance.”

Today is moving day! The boxes are packed, the suitcases are stuffed and my shoes are all safely tucked away. The Mister and I (with a HUGE amount of help from my family) have packed up the moving truck and are heading down to South Florida. In between bouts of exhaustion and massive energy bursts, this major life change has me going from one emotion to the next; from excitement over this new chapter in our lives to worry and sadness over not being physically near my family.

Mixed into all those is my current worry x a lack of confidence. I’ll be driving down to South Florida too. The Mister is driving the moving truck while I drive his car (we shipped mine) and we are splitting the road trip up over two days so its only about 7 hours to drive each day. But I am nervous because I haven’t driven long distance in several years. Normally when we road trip The Mister drives while I play the role of the perfect passenger dishing out road trip snacks, selecting tunes, chatting to pass the time…and more often than not falling asleep for about half the trip!

I tried planning ahead with a medley of healthy road trip snacks, Taylor Swift’s 1989 and Serial Podcast (finally getting a chance to listen to it!) to keep me going, but am wondering if anyone has suggestions for other ways to pass the time or good tips to keep in mind that will give me a bit more confidence as I’m driving?

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