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Road Trippin’ Must-Haves

Plains and trains are a blast, but I love a good road trip! It’s romantic, alluring, freeing and just screams adventure. I’ve taken my fair share of road trips from the my childhood on the West Coast to up and down the South East Coast with my Mister. We are off on another adventure so I thought I’d share my tried-and-true tips with you for the art of the road trip {because it is an art form}.

1. Sunglasses & SPF: A necessity for any trip, but especially on the road. Throw on your favorite sunnies to look good as you cruise along {squinting is not cute} and some SPF too so you don’t get sunburned as you drive along. Given how pale I have gotten over this winter I may be denied entrance at the Florida state line, but I will definitely be investing in a good SPF.

2. Road Trip Apps: The Traveler creates an online journal of your road trip and with Postagram you can mail old school postcard snaps of your trip along the way. Use Waze to veer around traffic, connect with friends as you head to the same spots and find the cheapest gas. Kinda love it.

3. Tunes: There is nothing worse than being stuck in a car playing the same songs over and over again. Make a playlist {or 3} of upbeat songs that will keep you going whether you are sitting in traffic or cruising down the highway. Another option is to splurge for Spotify Premium for one month, so when you feel that desperate need for a throwback Britney song you can find it quickly and sing along at the top of your lungs.

4. The More The Merrier: Road trips cost less when more people come along {pools for gas money} and packing along your beau or your besties can create a memory none of you expected as you take turns driving, playing games and catching up on everything under the sun.

5. The Munchies: Every successful road trip must have snacks and packing your own is less expensive and healthier than any roadside pit-stop. Fill a cooler {this is my favorite} with veggie sticks, hard-boiled eggs, almond butter, and fresh fruit, along with a crunchy snack. But don’t forget to stop along the way if you see something you can’t get in your area. I always follow food stereotypes so as soon as we hit Georgia I will be buying peaches.

6. Roadside Stops: Road trips are as much about the destination as they are the adventure to get there. I always search out our route ahead of time to see of there are any interesting stops we must make along the way {Savannah, GA in this case} and pick some must-see places once there {a park, art gallery, shops, etc}. TripAdvisor is a big help and so is crowdsourcing; ask friends on Facebook or Twitter for any roadside suggestions. You never know what great places they can come up with.

7. Stretch: We all know how important it is to walk, but somehow we get in a car and just want to keep going. Whether you find a pretty park to pull over or just take a few laps around a rest stop, make sure to pull over every so often to stretch. It’s also ideal if you see a gorgeous sunset on its way to you {safely} pull over to enjoy the beauty for a few minutes as you recharge for the rest of the drive.

8. The Practical Stuff: A car charger is a must, along with a blanket and/or scarf, a pillow {neck cricks are no fun} lotion, lip balm, and most importantly of all water. I also pack headphones because the Mister and I get along great, but we don’t always have the same taste in tunes so sometimes I pop on my headphones for a little bit of my favorite songs {again, what road trip is complete without a little throwback Britney?!}.

9. Keep It clean: Seriously, this seems so minor but it’s important to keep the car clean. Pack small trash bags and throw out all your trash as you go along. You don’t need banana peels and peach pits rolling around in the bottom of your cooler.

10. Capture The Memories: We all have cameras on our phones and Instagram to add charm to the photos, but I also like the instant charm and frame-able memory a Polaroid camera gives. It’s fun to snap little shots along the way and create a visual journal of the trip, embracing your inner tourist. You’ve never been where you’re going, probably won’t be back and are there as a tourist so BE a tourist and take the cheesy pics. Because. You. Can.

This time around the Mister and I are off on a 2 week road trip adventure down South, stopping off in a few of our favorite cities as we make our way to South Florida and sunny beach days! Follow on along on my IG account for shots of yummy treats, sunny days and sweet moments as we take in the beautiful days down south.  Happy weekend!

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