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Weekends Away with The Perfect Weekender Bag

I have been struck by wanderlust since I was a little kid, plastering my walls with posters of Paris, London and Australia. The adventure-filled possibilities of going anywhere thrilled me to bits.

Along with my love of travel, I share a nearly equal love for travel bags. Just the sight of these bags fill me with thrills. Seeing my suitcases waiting to go atop my armoire, a vanity case stashed in the bathroom cabinet, or the sight of my teeny jewelry roll makes me think of where I am wishing to go next.

I currently useĀ this Longchamp bag and love how durable the fabric is, it holds enough for a quick weekend away and can be folded up in a flat square and tucked away in my suitcase for longer trips as my emergency “extras” bag to bring back what I bought on the trip.

Because I’m always longing for travel I can’t help but looking at these new bags too that are just right to throw a few favorite travel outfits into, toss over my shoulder and dash out the door for a new adventure.

Deux Lux “Crush”//Cuyana Weekender//Canvas Monogram//Lo & Sons Catalina//Tory Burch “Robinson”

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