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Fireworks On The Beach

Fireworks On The Beach

As soon as I heard about Fourth of July fireworks on the beach in Delray I did a little happy dance of excitement. To spend my first holiday in Florida on the beach was the stuff of my dreams. It seemed like something out of a movie…or at least a scripted scene from Laguna Beach. The Husband was (as usual) more practical, explaining that the odds of finding a place to park and getting a spot on the beach to watch the fireworks with a dog in tow wasn’t very likely. I stayed overly optimistic (as usual) feeling certain that fate and The Husband’s ability to make my wishes come true would work out. Optimism won.

Fireworks On The Beach Fireworks On The Beach

We got to the beach about 15 minutes before the show and went to the North end where dogs are allowed. The fireworks were at the South end, so our side of the beach was nearly empty! This was a win-win since we were far enough away from the noise so it wouldn’t scare the dog, but we could still see the show and we got to have our picnic and watch the fireworks on what was essentially a private beach. Not bad for my first holiday celebration in Florida!

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