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pregnancy inspiration & style…

pregnancy inspiration and style

Once I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t help but think about what to wear in the coming months as my body changes. I quickly went searching on Pinterest {see more of my pregnancy style board here} for inspiration. I love to create vision boards because it helps me to focus on what I like and see everything at once, rather than having a mess of ideas floating around in my head!… Read more

baby’s first shoes & nursery decor…

baby's first shoes

I was scrolling through Instagram one night months ago when I came across a spring preview for these neon green Freshly Picked moccasins. I was instantly obsessed and in love. I mentioned them to my mom (who I blame for my shoe addiction) and she immediately wanted to buy them for the baby (so sweet and good job starting another generation on our shoe addiction!).… Read more

nursery decor inspiration board…

nursery decor inspiration board

Hey everyone! I am embarrassed to admit that I weirdly superstitious about stuff and when it comes to being pregnant I have followed all the don’t tell too early rules just in case. I also haven’t bought anything baby related (other than one pregnancy journal book) because I worry I will “jinx” something.… Read more

the leopard coat, a winter wardrobe must have…

leopard coat

There are some wardrobe pieces that are a must-have and in the winter time a coat is obviously at the top of the list. But what about after you have your basic black coat that goes with everything and you are faced with yet another dreary grey day?… Read more

miu miu + black friday sales for the win…

miu miu + black friday sales for the win

As much as I love to shop, I rarely purchase anything major during the Black Friday sales. I would like to say it’s only because I refuse on principal since many stores make their sales staff work on Thanksgiving (which is just WRONG) but honestly most of the best deals to be found are in electronics and I’m just not into electronics.… Read more

top 4 thanksgiving outfit ideas…

thanksgiving wtw4

It may seem hard at first to put together a look that is cute and comfortable, allowing you to indulge in that extra serving (or two!) of pie and turkey that your little heart desires, but it is possible! It can also be daunting depending on where you are celebrating the day, so I’ve put together my top four favorite looks for a variety of dinners and Thanksgiving celebrations.… Read more

bar cart styling…

bar buffet

Ok, I’ll be honest. We don’t have a “bar cart” so much as a bar buffet…but that sounds weird, right? I was absolutely 100% without a doubt positive we needed a bar cart as one of our first home purchases. But then I spotted this buffet and fell head over heels in love.… Read more

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