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Thanksgiving | What To Wear

Thanksgiving | What To Wear

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just two days away and all the fun holiday festivities that follow this food fest. When it comes to dressing for this big day I try to keep a few things in mind to make choosing what to wear a little easier.

1. Start with the venue – I wouldn’t wear the same thing to a friend’s home who is hosting Thanksgiving as I would a casual day with my family so determine the clothing vibe for where you are going to help you choose what to wear.

2. Comfort is key. After all, you will probably be wearing this same outfit from mid-morning through late at night and may also be traveling/road tripping from one place to another.

3. The outfit you choose should be flattering, but still be practical for everything from football viewing curled up on the sofa to mingling with family members over a cup of coffee, while still allowing room for that extra slice of turkey or pie.

4. Dress accordingly for the weather. Normally, we are in Maryland with the husband’s family and it’s usually pretty cold so layers are a must. This year we are in South Florida and its tropical climate, so choosing what to wear has a different ring to it.

5. Add a touch of glitz and glam for the holidays! Nothing adds that touch of festive spirit like a bold, glittering statement necklace and cheerful holiday colors. If you don’t want the standard red or green, take your inspiration from the fall colors and wear something in a deep burgundy, dark orange or soft camel color.

I’ll be taking some of this advice myself as I run out today to shop for a last minute outfit. We weren’t planning on staying in town this long so I didn’t pack anything for the holiday! Good luck choosing what to wear. I’d love to hear what you decide on!

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