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Fourth of July: Summer Party

With the Fourth of July just days away, it’s definitely time to make plans for a little get-together. Whether you are beach-side or land-locked, celebrate the Fourth with a summer party. This is easy to create with good drinks, sweet treats and simple main dishes, so you can enjoy the time with guests instead of fussing in the kitchen.… Read more

Kentucky Derby Soirée

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 4 and I cannot wait for the festivities; specifically the dresses, hats, food and drinks, plus the race {obvi!}. Throwing a Kentucky Derby party is a must and for so many reasons: a chance to play dress up; wearing beautiful summer dresses with pearls and OTT hats while getting your guy into a bow tie {bonus points if you can do this!} and seer-sucker pants with pastel-colored shirts, a excuse to drink {always a good thing} and play some old-time tunes in the background {even better if it’s on a record player vs an iPad} and don’t forget the adrenaline rush – the Derby is known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” for a reason!… Read more

Easter Sunday Brunch: Decor & Food Ideas

Easter egg decorating obviously leads to thoughts on what to do for decor, displaying the colorful eggs, and what to eat. My preference for decor is simple but sophisticated; using all white {my preferred color scheme} which allows a few accent pieces to become focal points as those bits of color stand out against the all white background.… Read more

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I just discovered a recipe for a dream-come-true sandwich…strawberry, chocolate and brie grilled cheese sandwich. There is a snowstorm outside which means a toasty indoor treat is a must. Luckily I have the ingredients needed for this divine indulgence {I like to keep dark chocolate on hand for emergency situations}

{recipe}… Read more

Adventures in Baking

Lately, I have been trying to expand my cooking abilities and my little successes {most recently this macaron class} have encouraged me to try more complicated recipes. The following recipes seemed overwhelming at first but once I calmed down and followed each step it was surprisingly easy and enjoyable to create these sweet treats for the hubby’s Valentine gift.… Read more

~ Chic Super Bowl Party Foods ~

Because food is an integral part of Super Bowl fun, I have been planning a Game Day menu. My criteria is that the food be delicious, unique, easy to make in advance, and be laid out in a way that guests can help themselves so I won’t miss the game {or the commercials} With all that in mind, I came up with a Mexican theme {plus I love a theme}.… Read more

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