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Guacamole Burgers

guacamole stuffed turkey burger

I recently discovered this recipe for guacamole burgers on Pinterest {sweet treats} and highly recommend it. The hubby enjoys it so much it has become a weekly must-have. The dinner has a light, Spring/Summer feel and includes one of our favorite foods – guacamole.

As for my own how-to? The recipe is easy to follow but I am a visual person so I use the image/idea of creating stuffed burgers topped with guacamole. I use some of the ingredients for guacamole to stuff the burgers – chop 1/4 each of a jalapeno, green pepper and red onion then mix those ingredients with the turkey meat, adding a bit of juice from a lemon and lime so the meat won’t dry out and to give a tangy taste to match the guacamole, along with a bit of cheese in the center of each burger. I roll each burger in a tight ball and cook on low heat while making the guacamole. Once the burgers are done, I top them with guacamole {add cheese or sour cream too} and voilĂ ! The chopping takes a while but the result is so fresh and delicious it is worth the effort.

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