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Fourth of July: Summer Party

With the Fourth of July just days away, it’s definitely time to make plans for a little get-together. Whether you are beach-side or land-locked, celebrate the Fourth with a summer party. This is easy to create with good drinks, sweet treats and simple main dishes, so you can enjoy the time with guests instead of fussing in the kitchen.

Sticking with classics is always best, it appeals to the masses and nearly all of these ideas can be prepped ahead of time. Create a summer menu with burgers {here and here}, home-made fries with sauces, fresh fruits and veggie chips. These are all basically simple but are made special with how they are put together and the addition of high-end toppings, such as gourmet cheeses, avocado dip and condiments. As for silverware? Corralling them in paper bags adds to the relaxed summer-party atmosphere.

Ice cold tea is just right for a summer party, it can be made ahead of time and adding alcohol to iced tea makes the drink even better. With all that combined, a Boston Tea Party drink is sure to be a hit. Serve it in mason jars to keep the tea feeling southern and summery and add straws {here or here} for some Patriotic flair. Another option is a milkshake {my favorites here and here} because they are such a classic, cold drink on a hot summer day that is also appropriate for younger guests…or the child in us all.

Dessert is a party must and the cake pictured above is just patriotic enough for the 4th with red and blue fruit, it’s easy to make {vanilla cake with vanilla syrup, mascarpone cream and fresh berries}, and looks so pretty. Another option is to make individual desserts. This may seem like more work but I think it’s really easy to do since you are working in smaller amounts and this brownie trifle dessert is an easy version. An early morning dessert option {I do love desserts!} is to make patriotic waffles or mini pancake stacks breakfast

{See my Indulge Pinterest board for more inspiration}

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