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Kentucky Derby Soirée

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 4 and I cannot wait for the festivities; specifically the dresses, hats, food and drinks, plus the race {obvi!}. Throwing a Kentucky Derby party is a must and for so many reasons: a chance to play dress up; wearing beautiful summer dresses with pearls and OTT hats while getting your guy into a bow tie {bonus points if you can do this!} and seer-sucker pants with pastel-colored shirts, a excuse to drink {always a good thing} and play some old-time tunes in the background {even better if it’s on a record player vs an iPad} and don’t forget the adrenaline rush – the Derby is known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” for a reason! So with that in mind, here are my ideas for a fantastic, Southern style party.

The most important thing for this party is What To Wear? The usual look at Churchill Downs is a crazy hat with a not-as-noticed dress {because of the crazy hat}. My preference for this party is a more vintage style with cloche hats, pearls, and a sweet dress {channel your inner Gatsby}

Another What To Wear option is a sweet, preppy style with brightly colored dresses, wide-brimmed hats and monograms {channel your inner Southern Belle/Sorority Girl}

After deciding what to wear, the next most important thing is What To Drink! Mint julep is the requisite drink of the Kentucky Derby, made with with Woodford Reserve, the “official” bourbon of the Kentucky Derby {mint juleps are so popular that over 120,000 are served during the two-day period of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby} and this recipe is the “official” {and delicious!} version.

After figuring out the drinks, it’s all about What Foods To Serve. The “official” dessert choice is Derby Pie {bourbon, chocolate, and pecans} which is everyone’s favorite Derby dessert that has been served at the Derby for over 50 years. Mint julep Brownies are an option too. Banana Nut Bread {so yum} and Brie Delight are my choice for appetizers, with fruit salad and Benedictine Spread on the side. Kentucky Hot Brown {cannot wait to make this yummy indulgence!} Lobster Mac & Cheese, and a simple chicken salad sandwich are my top choices for the main dishes from the Kentucky Derby.

Finally, Decor For The Party. I love to use bold stripes {feels very racing-like} with colorful floral arrangements {very Derby-esque} in an outdoor setting to create a full-on Derby feel for the party. I also like to to use vintage pieces in my table settings and plan on using a vintage loving cup that will make an ideal centerpiece for this Derby-themed party. Hope everyone enjoys the race!

{read this for a sweet, touching story about a lifelong bond between a racehorse and his trainer}

2 Comments on Kentucky Derby Soirée

  1. Mary logan
    June 27, 2016 at 8:36 pm (5 years ago)

    Where did you purchase the black and white table runners

    • Angela
      June 29, 2016 at 7:45 pm (5 years ago)

      I found mine on Easy. The seller I used isn’t making them anymore, but I did a quick search and saw a bunch by other sellers. Good luck!


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